Folsom Doctor to Run 100K to Support Babies and Mothers

TRUCKEE, Calif. —
A Folsom doctor is preparing to run the Castle Peak 100K in Truckee this weekend as part of a mission to raise funds for low-income women and babies in the Sacramento area. Dr. Timothy Phelan, who has been delivering babies in Folsom for the last 25 years, says the pandemic has been especially tough on young women, and he wants to raise money to make their pregnancy easier.

Phelan has been training for the Castle Peak 100K since January and has teamed up with the Sacramento Life Center to raise $10,000. The race starts in the Donner Ski Ranch area and will be grueling. Phelan has never completed a 100K in the allotted time of 20 hours. "This race has over 15,000 feet of elevation change, and so that's kind of like running up and down a 90-story building — running to the top and running down the stairs. Running up to the top and running down the stairs again, like seven or eight times, except the stairs are covered with gravel and rocks. It's going to be a real challenge. Of course, that is what makes it fun," he said.

The doctor, along with 275 other participants, will be running in the high country. The Sacramento Life Center said this race makes a difference for more than 2,000 women who rely on services every year. "We rely 100% on private donations or foundations. We don't get government money or anything, so everything that we get in, we use it wisely to help local moms and their babies," said Marie Leatherby with the Sacramento Life Center. The money raised will help teens and women with food, diapers and clothing for their babies. Many people will be cheering on Phelan when he begins his 100K journey at 5 a.m. Saturday.

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