Running for Life

Dr. Timothy E. Phelan, our Ob/Gyn physician at Creekside Ob/Gyn of Folsom, has taken care of thousands of women and delivered hundreds of babies. In his free time he challenges himself by running long distances. In the last 10 years he has completed over 50 competitive running events, including 10 road marathons (26.2 miles) and 18 ultra-marathons. Races are a great way to raise money for worthy causes and during the pandemic Dr. Phelan created two solo charity runs. First a 25 mile run from his office to the Sacramento Life Center in June 2020 and recently a solo 32 mile run from Granite Bay Beach to the Life Center. Combined those events raised over $15,000. Now that races have restarted Dr. Phelan is increasing the challenge and on August 14, 2021 he will be running the Castle Peak 100k trail race to raise money for the Sacramento Life Center. Here's a quick video on one of his last races.

The Castle Peak 100k, is arguably one of the most difficult trail races in the country. Masked by its spectacular beauty, this is a true mountain foot race covering over 62 rugged miles. The race starts on the Pacific Crest in Truckee, California at the Donner Ski Ranch before ascending (and descending) over 15,000 feet at an average elevation of 7,400 feet above sea level. The course travels over roughly 95% of demanding single-track trails while journeying through some of the most dramatic scenery and vistas Tahoe has to offer.

Life is precious.  But not all women have access to the support and resources they need for a healthy pregnancy and baby.  The Sacramento Life Center offers a safe place for women to find the compassion and support they need to become a parent.  As an obstetrician for over 20 years, I see daily how precious life is and I support the Sacramento Life Center’s mission.  That is why I am competing in the Castle Peak 100k Trail Race on August 14, 2021. By running these 100 kilometers Dr. Phelan hopes to raise $10,000 to expand Health and Nutrition services for new moms at the Sacramento Life Center. You can donate here:

You can also check out the page that The Sacramento Life Center wrote about him.