10 Things to Look For In an OB Doctor

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10 Things to Look For In an OB Doctor

We understand pregnancy can be overwhelming and a little scary. That’s why you want a caring and experienced doctor to guide you through your pregnancy.  But how do you know if you have the right doctor?  If your current obstetrician does these things, you have found the right doctor.

  1. You met your doctor at the very first visit. When you are newly pregnant you want to see the doctor who you are entrusting your pregnancy to. 
  2. At your appointments your doctor spends more time listening to you than looking at a computer and typing.
  3. Your doctor always asks if you have any questions and asks how you feel.
  4. Your doctor always takes the time to sit down during your visit and doesn’t seem hurried or impatient.
  5. Your doctor engages your partner and acknowledges that they are part of this amazing life changing event. 
  6. At your follow up appointments the office staff always knows your name and why you are coming in. 
  7. Your doctor knows your medical history so you do not have to explain everything each time.  Or if it is a large medical group and you see a different doctor at each appointment, they know your whole health history so you do not have to repeat it. 
  8. Your doctor always explains and shares the results of any tests that you take.  Even better, they give you copies of your results so you can ask questions.
  9. You always feel comfortable opening up and discussing your concerns.
  10. Your doctor plans to be there for your delivery.

If this describes your current obstetrician, congratulations! You have found the right doctor. But if your current obstetrician does not do all these things, maybe it is time to start shopping for a new doctor.  A caring and experienced obstetrician should sit down, take their time, explain your test results, involve your partner, let you know what to expect, and most of all, make you feel comfortable so you get the best care possible.  Isn’t that what we all want?

Having a healthy pregnancy and baby is the story you want. Let us help you shape your healthy pregnancy story.

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