5 Reasons women visit an OB/GYN

5 Reasons women visit an OB/GYN (besides pregnancy of course)

Everyone knows you should go see an OB/GYN for your routine annual exam and screening tests. But what are some other reasons to see your OB/GYN provider?

  1. Vaginal discharge - This uncomfortable feeling could be simple yeast infection or a sign of something else. Appropriate testing will lead to the proper diagnosis and treatment.
  2. Concerns about a sexually transmitted infection or STI - Some STIs have symptoms and some don’t.  If you are sexually active it is important to be screened annually.

  3. Heavy or irregular menstrual cycles - Heavy and/or irregular menstrual cycles are not only inconvenient, but they can be a sign of other medical conditions.  A visit to the gynecologist can help shed light on what is causing these menstrual symptoms and what can be done to improve the situation.

  4. Contraception - There are many safe, reversible, and highly effective forms of birth control, but it can be overwhelming to know what is best for you. If you are interested in starting a birth control method or changing your current method, your gynecologist can explain your options.

  5. Urinary leakage -This is a very common condition that no one wants to talk about.  There are many causes of urinary leakage. Your gynecologist can perform a quick in-office exam to determine the cause and discuss appropriate treatment options. 

If you are experiencing these symptoms or have any of these concerns, reach out to us at Creekside OB/GYN of Folsom. We are here to help.