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"Your family story begins here"


~ Timothy E. Phelan, M.D. F.A.C.O.G.


Having a healthy pregnancy and baby is the story you are hoping for. We understand pregnancy can be overwhelming and a little scary. From doctors who don't listen to impersonal medical facilities; where do you go? Dr. Phelan and his staff have been providing personalized care at his private clinic for over 20 years. Whether you are newly pregnant or just thinking about it schedule your first appointment. Let us help you shape your healthy pregnancy story.

To provide personalize care we must limit the number of patients we take each month, so call or email us today to save your spot.

Our Reviews

  • Wow!!!! I was beyond impressed!!!! Dr. Phelan made me feel so comfy cozy! I have literally no complaints! The whole process was so easy and user friendly! Weirdly, I almost had fun! It was truly a fantastic experience!
    Kristi Miranda
  • I can’t say enough wonderful things about DR. Phelan. I had a traumatic experience and He made me feel cared for. He takes his time to answer any questions or concerns. He allows you to make your own decisions. He made me feel safe before surgery and held my hand. He’s very straight forward, but compassionate. I’d recommend him to any and everyone. Receptionists and Nurses are also awesome. They always remember your name. Even after one visit.
    Kim Black
  • I never expected to have such a bond with my OB, but I suppose it has to do with the fact that Dr. Phelan coached me through the scariest/most beautiful moment of my life when I gave birth to my first child. My birth didn't go as planned (whose does really?), but I'm so thankful to have had a doctor who knew what he was doing, and who was able to advise me with safe options. Dr. Phelan is very calm and collected...and I am not. When I first met him, I had my hesitations, but those diminished completely. He has always been patient when I ask questions, and is very knowledgeable due to his experience (my husband would agree). He is very reliant on his staff and interacts wonderfully with the nurses at Mercy. He's just a likeable guy all around. Now that we are expecting our 2nd child, we can have confidence knowing we are in good hands!
    Jessica G.
  • I was recommended Dr. Phelan by a friend who had the most positive experience delivering twins under his care and after having my first baby delivered by him I would also highly recommend him. He was very respectful of the way I wanted to give birth, informed me of certain decisions I wanted to make, was not judgmental at all. My labor and delivery took its course but Dr. Phelan was supportive of my birth plan, which was so appreciated because I’ve heard too many stories of other doctors that would not have been as patient. I will be back and recommend him to anyone else looking for a kind, caring, supportive doctor.
    Camila Thakur
  • I had an appointment with Haley and she was such a doll!! She was very easy to talk with and made me laugh a lot. She was very educated and there was no discomfort during my examWhich hasn’t happened with other women type exams. I will continue to see her for all my future appointments!!! Her assistant Ashley was also great and put me at ease right away and prepared me for what to expect for my appointment. Brittany was also very sweet from the moment I walked in and helped get forms together for me for some labs work I needed done. Will definitely be back in the future for my appointments
    Grace B.
  • I feel extremely fortunate to be under the amazing care of Dr. Phelan. We are pregnant with our first child after many miscarriages and miraculously conceived during our vow renewal in France. I researched thoroughly to find the best OB GYN. At my first appointment I expressed my concerns and Dr. Phelan's listened to and acknowledged me without judgment. Every appointment since January has been the same. Even when expressing my fears, anxieties, and personal struggles through this pregnancy, I am met with compassion and understanding. Every practitioner he has referred me to also operates with the same level of care and integrity as Dr. Phelan. This speaks volumes that he will only associate himself and his practice with those who align themselves with the same expectations and exceptional care that he provides. Dr. Phelan goes beyond his duty as a physician to ensure his patients are cared for and managed through every phase of pregnancy, whether easy or difficult. This is a rarity in modern day medicine. If you have the opportunity to be a patient of Dr. Phelan, I highly recommend you do. I consider myself blessed to have him be a significant part of this new chapter.
    Somm G.
  • I don’t normally leave reviews, but this deserves all of the 5 stars! Dr. Phelan and staff are very tentative along with amazing bedside manner. I am pregnant with my 3rd baby going into my 3rd trimester and I wish that I had found Dr. Phelan sooner when I was pregnant with my first 2 babies!
    Mavery Cornelison
  • Dr. Phelan is an amazing OB. I just had my first child and he was there every step of the way. He always let me make my own decisions and when I asked he gave me his. He always let me make my own choices. He was available when I was laboring coming to check on me and see how I was doing, when I was ready to make medical decisions he was right there next to me support whatever decision I choose. He is a great listener, understanding and caring doctor! I will go choose him every time to help deliver my children!
    Marlayna Williams
  • Dr. Phelan is one of the most earnestly kind and compassionate doctors I think you could find anywhere. The overwhelming majority of my appointments have been with just two folks - Dr. and assistant or NP and assistant (I'm just saying, it's rarely overly crowded in the exam room). My last appointment with a NP was hilarious - a straight shooter. This most recent appointment was with Haley (?) and I was so impressed - I really feel like she either just innately, scarily resembles Dr. Phelan's philosophies and manners and was a good pick or really truly learned from him. Either way she was just wonderful. I fully support that Dr. P is invested in education (isn't this the kind of doctor you want to train up more doctors like him? Heck yes! Train all the doctors! One day Dr. Phelan is going to retire and we haven't perfected cloning yet!). I do recall being given the option of declining having additional learners beholding my glorious lady parts, so I feel like they have a process in place and are attentive to you especially if you are your own advocate and ask questions ("what's George going to do down there? He's just observing your excellent bedside manner? Okay."). No one likes being poked around and pap shmeared but having the right person/team who really demonstrates interest and care makes a difference. The admin gals have also been efficient and personable, and I haven't been surprised by any unanticipated medical bills in the years I've been going under multiple insurance carriers. I unreservedly recommend Dr. Phelan and his crew to anyone with lady parts for quality preventative care and treatment.
  • This was my first experience with Dr. Phelan but I chose him to deliver my 3rd (and probably my last) baby because of all of the recommendations on a Folsom moms FB group. I'm beyond thankful to have found a doctor like him! He always made sure that my questions were answered and eased any of my worries throughout my pregnancy. So sad that I won't be able to see him and his office staff so frequently, but glad to be able to find the perfect OB/GYN for my annual appts!
    Mavery S.
  • Love Dr. Phelan and his staff! They’re always so professional and nice. Dr. Phelan has delivered both of my kids and I’ve been seeing him since 2014. I recommend him to anyone looking for a doctor who will listen, help, and be there for you. And I can’t stress enough how amazing his staff is!!! ?
    Mary Bartolino
  • The staff and doctor are really friendly and willing / able to accommodate you in any way they could. Always ask if I mind having more than the doctor in the office during my appointment / advising me if doctor will be in the day of appointment; otherwise, it will be with the NP and could change it if rather see the doctor. Not sure if it depends on the time of appointment, but haven't experienced hallway / waiting room being filled with patients waiting for their appointment and I've been having appointments since October! :) Great staff and doctor during pregnancy with 1st child and still is now during my 2nd pregnancy with child!
    Virginia Joel
  • I recently had my first baby under the care of Dr. Phelan (Tim) and honestly couldn't be happier with my experience. From the very beginning Dr Phelan was warm and welcoming. With his years of experience, his incredibly laid back attitude is much needed to soothe the nerves of a first time mom. His staff are friendly and kind and always helpful answering even the silliest questions. I never waited long for appointments (scheduling early in the AM is my trick with any doc), and dr Phelan came to my hospital room four times during my 24 hour delivery - my actual delivery getting him out of bed at 2:30am. He delivered my daughter within 20 minutes of arrival and expertly stitched me up before heading home for the night. I like to give him credit for my quick and easy pelvic recovery. I am actually telling friends to ditch their OB and have their baby through Creekside! And you can guarantee I'll be back for baby #2!
    Melody A.